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Manfredi Cirlinci




Milan, Italy


Above all, I know that life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference. (R. Frank)


I was born in Milan in 1986 and I have always lived there. In the same area. In the same street. In the same house. So, I have been observing the city growing around me from the same spot, but always from a different point of view.

I have learned that everything, when observed from the same location but with eyes that keep evolving changes dramatically, and can sometimes send contrasting messages. Thus, my passion for photography was born.

My relationship with photography is similar to a sincere relationship of faithful brotherhood, which has the stability that sometimes lack to passionate love. I have developed my interest in photography gradually during the years at school, and fostered it during my numerous travels.

While at the faculty of Law at University, I attended a professional annual course in analogue and digital photography at the renowned school CFP Bauer of Milan.

I completed later my training with photographic workshops and collaborations with some studios of professional Photographers.
I also conducted a weekly television program about photography tips and techniques, at Lombardia Channel, a subsidiary of Italia 7 gold.

I like photographs that are able to tell stories, in particular if they do so in an unusual way.
However, no less important is the attention to aesthetic form, because photography is – first of all- a selective instrument of view.

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